Friday, February 15, 2013

Major WooHoo!!

Dr. Mike has collared an elephant...on his birthday (Valentine's Day)!

After four tough hours of following fresh tracks, and skirting a rhino viper, Mike hit the mark (at 55 meters) with his Dan-Inject rifle.

" The elephants took off and we followed close behind. After eight minutes, a moderate-sized female elephant went down in a good, safe position on relatively flat ground. We reached her quickly, attached the collar, and gave her a shot of reversal agent that woke her back up. Only about sixty minutes passed between the time the dart hit her and the time she got up to rejoin her herd."

"The female is a good-sized animal with a calf, so we expect to get some good location data from her. Also, her group seems to be pretty active, so its frequent movement should give us a good idea about the herd's habitat and range."

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